Sexual orientation and gender identity are just a few elements that shape and color who we are as people. Understanding GLBTQ (gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and questioning) identities is important for healthy development. 

This section helps define sexual orientation and gender identity. We separated the basic acronym GLBTQ into sections and included an additional few sections.

Remember terms change over time as people, culture, and communities change. Most importantly, respect the person before you by using their language.



Learning that your child’s sexual orientation or gender identity isn’t what you thought it was, can be tough. Be patient with yourself and with them….and remember, they are still the same person. You just have new information now.

The Alliance is committed to empowering families. We have dedicated staff available to answer questions, facilitate communication, and strengthen relationships. We’ll work one-on-one, connect you to other families, or link you to community resources. Let us know how we can support you.  

Support for

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Are you an educator, social worker, psychologist, nurse, mental health counselor, youth worker, or some other professional working with youth or families? There are many risk factors when youth do not feel safe or feel isolated; providing GLBTQ-informed and affirming support to youth and families is critical to ensuring their health and well-being.

The Alliance is an available resource offering support and guidance about best practices when serving GLBTQ youth and their families. 


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Community Organizations


We believe it takes a whole community working together to serve, nurture, and empower GLBTQ youth, their families, and communities.

We partner at multiple levels with many community organizations. We have The Alliance Council, Adjunct Partners, and contacts at many GLBTQ-friendly local and national organizations dedicated to serving GLBTQ youth.

If you have any questions about local or national organizations, contact us at The Alliance for more information.   

Affirming Community Organizations

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